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Strategic Sourcing Managment | SDI
There’s no question that negotiating prices and establishing supply partners saves money. But only with strict program compliance. With SDI as your single MRO supplier it’s easy.

Typically, most enterprises have a layered, slow-moving compliance structure, with prices negotiated at the corporate level and transacted at the site level. It’s a traditional transaction process that can often waste time and money. With the SDI model, compliance is managed through our InSite® system, a single platform providing visibility across the enterprise. InSite® can be seamlessly integrated with your current system, providing an easy to use process for requesting material and other supply transactions.

We use the latest technology to manage compliance based on your supply chain. Contracted items are sourced and coded to contracted suppliers in our system and we use the same process for established non-contractual sourcing agreements.  It’s a streamlined method that seamlessly monitors pricing against contract pricing among your supply chain.   
The results?  Measurable, documented transactions savings with significant cost reduction that can be realized throughout the organization.  In fact, one custom program (Link to Success Story) designed for a food & beverage client achieved 94% compliance through designated supplier agreements. Below is brief example of the advantages of a SDI’s compliance solutions.